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Trying to make sense of this puzzle

but feeling like the pieces are scattered all around this room

Near (AU)
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Character: Nate River aka N or Near
Series/Fandom: Death Note
Original or Alternate: Alternate

Age: 18 but canonly looks 12
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Asexual for now.

Barracks Assignment:Loh-Deka
Training Division:


Near is a tiny thing, standing at full height, 5’ tall. He hunches very slightly though when he stands and more severely if he’s playing with a toy on the ground. He only weighs 88 lbs., giving him a sickly thin appearance. He has curly white hair that, if straightened, would probably reach down to his nose. He is very pale. To enhance his ghostly look, he wears long sleeved, long legged baggy white pajamas all of the time. His eyes are dark brown and usually appear to be devoid of emotion. When he sits in a chair, usually he has one leg pulled up to his chest. However, if given the choice, he prefers to be on the ground, again one leg pulled against his chest and hunched over slightly.


Near, despite his alias, has a very distant personality. Although many claim he lacks emotion, this statement is untrue. Near possesses the discipline to control his emotions and mask them almost completely. Sometimes, if one looks closely, Near’s emotions can be vaguely read through his eyes. Mostly, interest and curiosity can be seen, if any emotion at all. When Near speaks, he speaks politely and formally. However, he is blunt almost to a fault. Near views situations as big games. The people around him are his pawns, which is why sometimes he sounds as though he is talking down to others. Another thing about Near is that he is very deliberate with his actions. Near likes certainty. However, any good player of a game needs to take risks sometimes. Near prefers it when the odds are stacked highly in his favor before performing such a maneuver. Although this is the preferable situation, Near will also act if the consequences aren’t severe, even if the risk is deemed by him as high that he will not be correct. Near is also not below lying and stealing to meet his desired ends.

After Near took a risk that should have cost him his life, he has become less condescending and, if possible, even more deliberate about his actions. He has learned a little bit of empathy, especially towards his predecessor L. Near never really had a reason to empathize, or even sympathize before realizing that he too, could lose the game.


Near has no otherworldly abilities. However, he has an extremely high intelligence that is mostly utilized in manipulation and analysis. Near is very cunning and sly, using his persuasive abilities and subtle remarks to cause people to double-check what they’ve said, done, or thought. He has the uncanny ability of getting under people’s skin without saying or doing much, but merely his choice of vocabulary and the fact that he’s very blunt, which leads to others succumbing to emotions and making mistakes, allowing Near to slowly pick his opponents apart. Near thinks on his actions, carefully considering the situation from every angle. He doesn’t allow his emotions to manipulate him, which leaves him clear-minded to think with nothing but cold hard logic. Near is also skillful in the art of bluffing, thus forcing his opponent’s hand, or causing his opponent to once again, make a mistake.


Although Near claims to fight for Justice, he uses very unjust means of reinforcing this ideology. He lies and claimed to not be below stealing during the Kira case. Also, Near is not very physically fit, so most sorts of physical confrontation would end with his loss considering how frail he is. Near has poor social skills as well that can confuse other people and drive them away, causing his circle of allies to be very small. Not only that, but his cold personality and bluntness drive others away as well. He can also be seen as too cautious with his actions, analyzing the situation before doing anything about it. He sees life as a “game” with high risks, which can be seen as irresponsible on his part. He let most of the SPK be killed during the Kira case, but in this case, they were his “pawns”.


Although Near doesn’t wield weapons, he is seen usually with a myriad of toys. Normally, he plays with small objects, such as dice, matchsticks, fingerpuppets, legos, and darts. However, he is on occasion, seen with gundam-like action figures, train-sets, and toy vehicles.


When Near was brought into Roger’s office that fateful day in early November of 2004, the last thing he was expecting to hear was that L, his predecessor, was killed by Kira, the mass murderer that L had been seeking. Although he had been surprised, he had not outwardly shown it. He dumped his completed puzzle onto the floor, all of the pieces scattering. His silent grief was almost immediately overshadowed with ice as he stated coldly, “If you can’t win the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, then you’re just another loser,” while he began to re-piece the puzzle together. Mello, Near’s rival, left the orphanage after that, leaving Near to be L’s successor.

5 years later, Near finally gathered enough information on the Kira case to really make headway. He met with the President of the United States to tell him that Kira’s weapon was a notebook of death, or a Death Note. Considering he started with absolutely no information, Near gathered this data relatively quickly and incorporated the help of the FBI, CIA and a new task force, the SPK (Special Provision for Kira). Near then confronted the new “L”, proclaiming that he knew this L was a fake. He watched and observed the new L (Light Yagami) mess up with the kidnapping of Sayu Yagami in order for her kidnappers to obtain the notebook. He was trying to gauge the competence of the new “L”. (It turned out, as Near’s hypotheses predicted, that the kidnappers were indeed led by Mello.) He wanted to see the other in action before he decided how useful the Japanese Task Force would be to his game of capturing Kira. Unfortunately for the Japanese Task Force, Near came to the conclusion that, since the kidnapping went so well in favor of Kira, who shouldn’t have really played a part in the kidnapping scheme, Kira and the Japanese Task force were at least accomplices. This meant that Kira was the head of the Task Force, thus the Second L was Kira. Although Near claimed that the chances this was true were 7%, he also stated that if they were wrong, they “could simply apologize”.

A few days after this, the President of the United States announced that the U.S. would not support any more attempts to stop Kira. Near, though furious inwardly, kept his emotionless exterior as he became even more resolute to stopping Kira and opening the eyes of the world to the atrocities Kira committed.

Near was not surprised when one of the SPK members, Halle Lidner, was being forced to show a now scar-ridden Mello to the SPK’s headquarters at gunpoint. After a tense discussion with a lot of gunpointing, Mello and Near exchanged some information. Near was told some more of the Death Note’s otherworldly properties, and how one could see a shinigami if one was to touch the notebook. Also, he told Near that one of the rules of using the notebook was fake.

After much banter between Near and the second L, Light Yagami, one of the Japanese Task Force’s men, Aizawa, decided to contact Near with some information regarding Kira suspects from the past. From the information given, Near deduced that Kira was in fact, Light Yagami, who was the second L as well. Aizawa also began to suspect Light once again as Kira, as L had done previously. Thus, he decided to keep surveillance over Light and to search his house for the notebook. However, Light was a step ahead of him. He had Misa, his girlfriend and former Second Kira, send the notebook that she possessed to a loyal Kira followed named Mikami Teru. Mikami was then given the responsibility to pass judgment on criminals so that there was no notebook to be found that could be related to Light.

Meanwhile, a new “spokesperson” for Kira was found, Takada Kiyomi. The purpose of the spokesperson was to hand down the word of Kira to the public using mass media. Because Light has had previous relations with Takada, it was decided that he would attempt to manipulate her in order for the Task Force to gain more information. Meanwhile, Near was moving his pawns over the gameboard as well, sending SPK member Halle Lidner to be one of Takada’s bodyguards. Also, Near figured out that Mikami Teru was the one carrying out the role of “X-Kira”. He was the one making the judgments as Kira would, but was not the original Kira. Near studied the way Mikami actively participated in Kira discussions in public, as well as forging the connection between Mikami and Takada through public debates. Near then sent another SPK member, Jevanni, to tail Mikami. Because Mikami stuck to a daily routine, it was easy for the SPK to monitor him closely. Through careful observation, the SPK realized that Mikami left the notebook unattended for hours at a time while he worked out at a local gym. Little did the SPK realize that the notebook Mikami was actually carrying on his person was a fake.

Near had Jevanni analyze the notebook on several occasions whenever the chance could be had. There was a clear pattern—just as Mikami followed a strict schedule for daily life, he followed a strict schedule for carrying out his judgment in the notebook. Every day, X-Kira filled one full page of the Death Note with the names of unfortunate criminals—no more and no less. It was then that Near decided to put his plan into action. He knew that a person could be manipulated by the Death Note for up to 23 days. After Jevanni touched the notebook, Near decided that he would meet “L” in 24 days, so long as Jevanni was still alive by then. He then had Jevanni replace pages of the Death Note with regular notebook paper and called “L” to schedule an appointment with him. It was decided that everyone from both parties, save Misa Amane, who was in Near’s custody at that time, would meet in a warehouse on the Daikoku wharf called the “Yellow Box”. There was only one doorway into it. Near claimed that this meeting would bring an end to the Kira case, and that he had something to show “L”. Also, someone other than L was to bring the Death Note with them to make sure that it wasn’t left unprotected during the meeting. Both parties agreed to these arrangements.

And so, both parties met in the Daikoku Wharf as planned. Near was wearing a mask in the likeness of the true L until it was confirmed that no one’s name had been written in the Death Note since everyone’s face had been revealed at some point or another except Near’s. After a half hour passed and no one was manipulated or killed, Near took the mask off.

He claimed to be waiting for someone to “complete their circle”. Mikami Teru opened the only door in the warehouse and peeked in to see all of faces of the people inside, writing down all of the names of the people in the warehouse except Light’s and Near’s.

Near was confident that his plan was foolproof. He had Jevanni switch the last few pages of the Death Note out with fake paper, rendering their plan to kill the SPK and the rest of the Task Force useless. 40 seconds passed, and suddenly, there was an eruption of screams from all around the pale successor to L’s name. One by one, the members of the Japanese Task Force and the SPK dropped to the ground, clutching at their chests, writhing in pain. Then, all at once, they ceased moving.

Near was completely and utterly dumbfounded, shocked, and horrified. What had gone wrong? Where had he erred? Mikami came into the room cackling like mad and stood before his god, Kira, handing over the Death Note to him, uttering the successor’s true name, “Nate River”.

Light Yagami smirked and triumphantly began to write Near’s name into the Death Note. Near could do nothing but stare, terrified at his soon-to-be-killer. As Yagami was about to make the last stroke of the pen for Near’s name, Near, too ashamed to look into the eyes of Kira, closed his eyes awaiting death.

When he reopened them after 40 seconds, he sat in a strange white room with only a door in it.


Player Name: Leah
Player Journal: killme_shining_
Email: lilbludevil009@aol.com
AIM/MSN/YIM: Nearlovestoys
Timezone: EST -5

This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by yandered
[Death Note/Near] © [Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata, Shueisha, Madhouse, VIZ Media, etc].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

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